Sommelier Guild of Atlanta - Est. 1975

The Ultimate Sommelier Guild Wine Kit for only $39.50! or buy the pieces individually.


For the discerning Sommelier Guild Member whose life is made easier with the proper and fun must-have wine accessories.

We've bought all of these accessories wholesale and have priced the kit slightly under retail, with the difference acting as a fund-raiser to be spent on better wines and food for you! 

Not only will you get some of the most sought after and hard-to-find wine tools, you'll save a little money over retail prices, and with your purchase you’ll be helping the Guild, too – which comes right back to you.


Clear Wine Chill™ Gel Tote

These gel totes are flexible and freezable. Simply freeze the tote in the expanded shape, and then place your room temperature bottle of wine inside. Now you are ready to take your bottle with you and within 10 minutes it will be chilled.











The Chiller™ Bottle & Ice Carrier

The Chiller™ is the coolest ice bucket with handles, seen around town at some of the most prestigious restaurants. This ice bucket/carrier also includes a clear front pouch where you can put a label of the beverage that's inside, your business card, or store your bottle opener or corkscrew.








Champagne Stopper

Stop it without losing bubbles or flavor as you pour or save it for later featuring an airtight sealer for lasting freshness. Designed to preserve the signature bubbles in champagnes and sparkling wines, this sturdy stainless-steel stopper has an airtight silicone seal that keeps the festive fizz inside an opened bottle.  And it’s dishwasher safe (top load only)







Wine Filter™

The easy way to filter out cork bits or bothersome sediment. Simply insert the filter as you would a cork. The micro-fine screen traps the unwanted particles. A must-have for decanting vintage wine and port, or keeping in your wine bag on-the-go, for those bottles you’re just not sure will throw sediment. The great attribute of the filter is it will remove all the largest particles, but won’t emasculate the wine, leaving the superfine particles.





Wine Key

The coolest house key there is for the wine enthusiast – this is the one time only one glass is all you’ll need!


Specify Kwikset or Schlage type. To determine which type you have look at the shoulders on your key. Kwikset shoulders are offset and asymmetrical, and Schlage type have equal, symmetrical shoulders (as shown on the left). Take your blank to any hardware store for duplication.

No self-respecting oenophile should be without one!





Professional Measured 2 oz Pourer

Now you, too can have your own wine tastings with the same professional 2 oz pourers used at Sommelier Guild wine dinner events.

Simply soak the pourer in warm soapy water and rinse in cold water before using.

Tilt bottle steadily to a 45° angle allowing the ball bearing to roll into place. Do not tilt bottle too slowly or rapidly. After this tilt, turn bottle upside down to pour. Repeat.